5800 lugnutz so close yet so far

I could spend some cash to get a toon i dont need. But im free to play and marlon and rosie was the one i wanted. I cant buy that many lugnutz and still pay my mommas rent… Augh come scope be a pal next time.

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if you dont want to pay then you wont get marlon and rossie


The question is will marlon and rossie significantly change ur atk team…if not its not worth ur cash.

Significantly no. But raiding should be easier with a toon like that as for who goes tough one.

Your best option is going to be let marlon and rosie go and start building resources to go for 1st in a level up. If you only have 5800 lugnuts you rarely even placed top 50. With there being no need now to hit milestones for any event its a good time to build training grounds up and save for next good toon.

Not going to do something so mundane* not sure thats how you spell it. Oh well. I have xbox. :slight_smile:

Well then i reckon you will need to spend if you want any toons in the future :woman_shrugging: your game your money your choice

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