500K Scav Mission

We Should Focus on a Faster way to level up Characters other than buying trainers / A 300k - 500k scavenger mission would Do just that ! Let’s Work together to make it happen Guys.
Vote for this.


100% agree with this, especially for s-class now


Pretty sure nobody who currently works there understands how to code the scavenger camps, its been eluded too in randoms posts and chats that they can’t do much with them.


We need this

Most definitely need this

There is a shortage of legendary trainers

Yes, there is. Especially Benedict’s. We definitely need all trainers.

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Or even make it so the YGL never goes away so folks can coin it, like they’ve been asking for years…

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New 300k mission or maybe change YGL to 6hr instead or 12.


@GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely @TayTron
Please notice this thread and consider it.
OP is actually on to something, and the change could be of great assistance.


look at code
look for.a line that says 100,000
add zero

eat pancakes


Agree but how long will it take 12 hours and move YGL to 6hours or 24 hours doubling the amount of time

That’s an awful idea.

You would have coin loaders just decimate level ups everytime


This could be a 16 hours mission. THIS WOULD BE REALLY USEFUL. All t4 below 80 can be used for this. Or just make YGL a perm non stop scavenger mission. I used YGL on Christa and Kapoor and it was old level up and I only got 22k points for em. That small xp is baby food for s class.

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Yes I agree 100 scopley let’s do it

Everyone contact support and overwhelm them with this idea

Cmon guys, support this.

This is why we can’t have nice things o_0

Seriously, though… Not directed at you, specifically; I think it is a good idea. The fact that cheaters are going to cheat does not take away from that. How about, um, I don’t know… make cheating harder or make the penalties so harsh it is not worth it. Take all rewards away, punish the faction that harbors the cheaters.

I’ve only been here a few months but it seems abundantly clear that they dont listen to any idea for improvement made here. Its just that sometimes what they decided to do is what the community wants to happen so the community thinks it’s being listened to

with out lots of bennies it is almost impossible to lvl s.class