50000 trader by a team


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Believe it or not but 6* Holly is incredibly useful against him with her heal. Hell Douglas will help too with his as well.

After failing 5-6 times, finally beat a double trader team with only 1 S class and four 6*s (Holly, Blue Barker, Harper, and Jiafeng)

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a team will all traders is a terrible team lol

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Fac mate has been banging on about Holly and Douglas. Are you him or weird coincidence?

My anti trader 6 star tip is Alice


Good question lol

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The best way to beat a two Trader team is to hit the “Flee” button. Who gives a f**k anyway?


Tbere was a dude during woc3 who had 3 sclass traders and 2 petes

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Seeing a lot of traders on low prestige accounts in wave 2 crw :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:

3 traders and 2 petes is a bad team lol

2 S Class Trader

Not so much if you have a shield. The shield collects the infection that your own Pete can heal off, while the rest of your team racks up AP (against the Petes, eventually one of the Traders if you got AP drain mods) to wipe the enemies off with rushes…

U mean to add a shield? That would be 6 toons. Anyway 3 traders and 2 petes die easily in my experience. Its a bad team, if someone has 3 traders he probably can make a far better team than that.

Huh??? I mean having a shield and Pete to go against 3 Traders + 2 Petes… agree, multiple Traders is usually a step in the wrong direction. Better to focus on disrupting the enemy team from multiple angles (stun, confuse, impair, besides the trader’s taunt), supplement heal reduction (wangfa), add crosshairs…
If you put all your eggs in one basket (bet all on infection), one good healer with taunt resist is all it takes to laugh at your team…

you cant use 5k traders on a team. 5 is the max number of characters on a team.

Omg… Yes realy? We can not use 5k Chars in one Team? Hmmmm… :thinking:seems to be new¿? :joy::rofl: btw it’s 50k and not 5k, in topic title^^

Yeah, that’s an importand distinction. :slight_smile:
But you guys missed the fact that the OP is not a native speaker. The real name of the thread should have been
$50,000 for a trader team

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i was keeping you on your toes by saying the wrong number. now i can see if people read my posts :slight_smile:


I guess :joy:

I have fully levelled Pete, but there’s no way to keep up with the amount of infection thrown by that many Traders.

Doesn’t Pete’s active have a 1 turn cool down after the turn 2 usage? That would mean every other turn would net you a 40% heal which unless you get heal reduced means traders and mateos infection is easily cleared