500 Summer Tokens? Really?

Just got 500 Summer Tokens and a thanks for your patience type message. What is that all about? And tbh, idc what it’s for, its 100% useless. You need 1000 for a pull, and this is the last tourney that gives them, and all ranks get even pulls, so 500 will do absolutely NOTHING, for anyone. Smh.


There is a pinned topic about this already if you want to know what this is all about.

I will never understand why people make threads about information that’s posted.


Everybody is racing to be the first to make a post about something, don’t bother checking to see if info is already posted…


Yeah cause the forums are so easy to read and see on a mobile phone.


Ok, yea, there’s no chance this might be something different, or at least very much appeared different to me. Or even if I missed something obvious, I’m not allowed the occasional mistake? Some of you really are quick to jump on others, or maybe it’s just some desire to police the forums? Whatever…Smh

If you guys are referring to the summer token thread pinned, I know all about it. And i know they’re supposed to credit back any tokens lost because of the reset. But if that’s what this is, they sent me summer tokens they shouldn’t have. So to me it looks like some other compensation. And i did look maybe 30 or 40 min after getting them, and no one had mentioned getting any tokens back yet either (at least that I saw) so I figured I’d post a separate thread to try to find out more, and if anyone else got them like i did.

Thanks for the help though…oh wait, no one actually gave a real answer… Ummm…thanks for taking time out of your busy days to “put me in my place”? lol


Ooh, this kitty’s got claws

Compare the time you’ve spent on this text and time needed to search the forums.


I’m from mobile an well…it is


I got it as well but not sure if its comp or replacement i had 500 tokens conv to supply so sorry not much help

Same here.

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Thats the problem with this game players are toxic a lot of the times. funny thing is most are just like scopely could care less about anyone but themselves.

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soooo… what was the answer? Cuz I’m on the forums and also don’t know and I’m not a loser that’s gonna read every single thread that doesn’t have a title that indicates it would answer the question

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