500 day login streak club


We realized in our faction earlier today that several of us have hit the 500 day login streak mark. Depending on time zones some might be at 501.

Anyone else feel as conflicted as me about hitting this mark?


I’m in the 500 club! :smiley: I feel happy, like it’s my birthday lol


Congratulations! I am Australian so 24 hours ahead :wink:


And for all that dedication. Another 350 prestige for your logging in. But really, you are a valued player even if they don’t show you in any way…


Too bad we weren’t “dedicated” enough to get some special reward at 500 days


A bunch of us in our faction realized it today too.



Ugh, thanks for reminding me.


On my 513 day. Ughhhh


crazy, i hit 500 today.


501 today (in Australia also). Dunno why half of us aren’t more because I’ve played every day since release :joy::joy:


See I don’t get that. I’ve played every day and I’m only on 501 days. I’ve NEVER missed a day and always updated when updates went live.


But no-one has specified it’s their beta accounts. How was I supposed to know that? :neutral_face:


Well thank you.


Sin título



im only 513 days.


Hey fellow aussie


Also 501


Total noob here. Not in the club. Still back @ 273.

Just wanted to congratulate everyone. Half millennial is a big milestone. Congrats. :smiley:


513 days here :sunglasses: