500 cones or keys mistake

I didn’t receive the option for 500 cones or keys that were sent to inboxes. Instead I was given the option of choosing 2 out of 4 items that were awful with the best being 300 coins. Can I please get the right items.

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I wish i got the coins option… :wink:


Seriously… To get S-Class priya you need TWO regular ones through RNG @ 0.4% odds.


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You can get 5* ascendable priya by collecting 4k icecream from museum


I picked up the cones, need at least one priya to replace 6* Andrea, getting the cones will be a long road…

Don’t choose. Close the Game and reopen. Should reset

Options for me were coins, 400 food, 200 gear tokens and some salt I think…I picked coins, although food was tempting, as in, this supposed to be trick or some


Same here, i think i will get priya before pete

I really wish this was true… I did get 900 coins on one going to various regions I’m level 20 in but then also one set of 300 was in a region at level 1 so I cant seem to figure it out. Tho I did quit when the last 5 or 6 were all cones or keys

Same here @JB.Scopely fix this please

I copped over 10,000 coins from this.

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Same issue for me and a number of faction members

I haven’t had anything so you guys count yourselves lucky :man_facepalming:t2::man_shrugging:t2:

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Just force quit the app and restart. Should appear in your inbox

Only keys or cones for me

I have tried nothing happens I haven’t had anything either

Edit did get it and only got 300 gold and 200 tokens

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I also got this random crate, I’d like my pittance of keys or cakes

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Never got that 5* rick either

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How? Lol

Only can pick or.cones or.keys for me