50 stages for each level

Someone post if they beat it I doubt anyone will though.

It will be done no doubt

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Guy can you just satisfy with the reward and stop complaining. This Sr is perfect for me. If nightmare was easy as normal rds. Why call it nightmare. Good job scopely for this rds

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As most i played so many sr tourneys the last weeks that i dreamed two days ago from a 100 stages each level sr.
So im happy it’s only 50 stages because that was a real nightmare. :wink:

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Do it don’t do it but don’t complain, it’s a change from the norm, rewards aren’t bad I guess even if your faction half asses it.

Only thing I’d change is the time an extra day midweek would have been better so it’s abit more layed back. (for those that enjoy sr)

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50 shades of can drought

Nightmare sr is just that a nightmare. they took a awesome event then messed it all up by making the lvls way way to hard towards the middle to end. then adding 25 more lvls to each road. it’s so stupid and they don’t even change the amount of time it takes to regenerate natural e. They don’t give us more or any better milestones for completeing each leg of the road and they need to give us more energy to do it how are we suppost to complete or even do most of it in the same amount of time that’s given as the regular one such a stupid ass idea. Who Evers idea this was needs fired its these kind of changes that make ur player base mad. You make changes to an already decent event then only do it half ass and don’t think of all the aspects you just changed

scopely doesn’t like players, discourages everyone from playing

Gonna be pretty difficult to finish cuz it’s nightmare, I don’t think it’s meant to be finished JB quote👍

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