50 stages for each level

No, not “enjoying” the 50 stage SR. You really are the silliest game company in the market. It is remarkable that a game with such great basic design can be “managed” as you do. Just call this a premium event as you do with most events now and be done with it.

When it was released it was they stated it was designed to not be completed.


By a remarkable coincidence, there are 5 different SR energy offers in the store.

Sleazy sleazy company. Probably earned the product manager a bonus.

5 horrible offers

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Yes? I’ve been using trainers a lot so I need a fresh batch, I have a bunch of SR cans that I never use anyways, and the rank rewards are actually good. Why wouldn’t I put some effort in this?

But I mentioned it before, there’s different tiers of F2P and maybe this doesn’t work for the ‘average’ F2P :man_shrugging:.

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Dude, it’s nightmare SR. They could probably add two days to the event and it would still be pay to finish.

Finishing or even getting far barely matters anyway - completion rewards are meh for the effort, only ranking matters. And while you typically have a slightly higher impact there than in hard or nightmare mode, it’s unlikely to matter.

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Que Sera, sera

Everyone always has to “finish” everything. Sometimes it’s okay to just get as far as you can. The rank rewards are great, yet still complaints are coming.


Yeah I don’t think I will be able to finish and I am fine with that. Like a challenge.

Scopely could probably just straight give away any S Class toon of your choice and thered probably still be complaints. Scopely is a sleazy company, but the rewards for the effort on this SR make sense

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I’m going to start making posts complaining everytime there is a road map or sr event that is to easy seeing as we constantly get posts about things that are to hard or to much of a challange, booohooo some people actually like to be challenged

Rank rewards are nice and I don’t plan to use refills. Works for me.

50 stages per level… yes its definitely a nightmare

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Put in perspective please!

Glad you posted because I was going to . 50 is way too much especially for nightmare

I like the challenge, and I don’t mind the 50 stages I’ll just bring a few cans to finish. For those who don’t like to 50 stages just don’t do it that’s the cool thing about life is you have choices.


I don’t even know what to say anymore.

There is no rule you need to finish it. Chances are you would not be able to finish even if you had a week to do so :wink:


Just give 'em $$$$$$$

If it wasn’t for the past 2 weeks being sr constantly then the 50 stage nightmare wouldnt be a big deal but considering the constant barrage of Sr lately it’s kind of alot. My opinion is if they are going to do 50 stage nightmare Sr give like a week or more of no Sr with some cans as milestones in other events.

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