50 shades of pay

Hey I’m thinking about making a new faction if regions open up any good ideas for a good region for me and my friends?

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yes try beta region


Nah, thanks tho

what region are you in kook? :smiley:

what region are you in lil Sally?

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Lancaster my man!
what region are you in?

Btw, this is 2019 calling someone by a girl’s name and insinuating they are weak accordingly is “way2stupid”, lame and sexist. Plus, it’s pretty embarrassing for an adult to use school level insults :laughing: With every repetition it gets more boring! :sleeping:


I was hoping tempos would wanna help out we were always such good friends. Anyone seen her?

And I’m in a few regions atm … hoping Marlboro opens for inbound but with scopely who knows anything, even when they announce dates and deadlines they never ever stick to them so who knows

Ladies,ladies this was just meant to trigger a few people, not you guys =] lol


You miss coosa goku?

Not really tbh . Tried to retire but got caught up in some noob closed regions politics. Sad to have abandoned coosa but cant say I miss anyone there.

I miss the good old days tho, like first crw ever :,( been feeling nostalgic lately

Miss very few too, most i keep in contact with on line. But the game used to be better then for sure

LOL “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt.

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