50 pulls on Mercer

Got my coins from a tapjoy offer.See the Video to see how my luck is…Spoiler alert…I got ya now @TheWanderer

You did better than most


ive got a 100 pull ready, aint going for it yet. aint worth doing less.

I pulled 80 didn’t get squat. Glad it was coins I saved from events and just playing.


Do it if he would go well with your teams ect.

im waiting for the madness to stop or short before quitting… those are free coins so i dont care.

I was thinking getting a gp card with my 45$ I got for christmas. But I’ll save up coins and do a 10 pull.

Pulled him on a 3 single pull

Lucky bastard. I did the same. I got 70 and 76 cards and a 4 connor.

300$ and I got the one for 100 pulls and 1 from cards and I have 1300 cards towards his Sclass. Others get him on singles and 10s some gotta pay others get lucky that’s gambling

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Is this the legendary Steve smooky from henry?

I liked your background music.
It made me want to fight pokemon or join forces with Power Rangers.

Sorry you didnt get your Mercer though

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Well, the probability of (sclass or regular) 6* is 0.002 and 5* is 0.004, so together 0.006 (or 0.6%).

Using the binomial distribution, the chances of getting none in 50 pulls is about 74%, so roughly three out of four people doing a fifty get only cards. Even with a 100 pull. the chances of pulling one (in addition to the guaranteed one) is less than 50%.

And that’s for any version, mind you. You need to do 346 pulls to have even chances of getting a 6* version, and we don’t know what percentage of that is the Sclass (apparently Scopely seem to believe that, as technically the Sclass version has 6 stars, they do not need to give separate odds).


Sorry dude better luck next time.

Ask whales if they had to pull 346 to get him. Bet you it was less across the board. Why? Buckets.

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Lol. Bet you got lucky a bunch of times. Sorry mate luck doesn’t hold.

Indeed.How for you recognize me Mortal?

I did 100 pulls using the x2 tapjoy coin offers and didn’t pull him lol luckily I got the free toon from 100 pulls and had enough cards to get him from the museum

Pretty good.I wished that the 2x on tapjoy was still up so I could do more offers

Did one pull using league coins, what a waste …can’t imagine 100s of pulls loool …sucka free zone out here