50% off premier pulls

Wow, what an awesome offer, 50% off pulls! Thanks Scopley!

Just don’t look too hard at the wheel and see the total absence of any Gen 2 premiers and, to be honest, absence of any Gen 1 toons who could really be called “premier” anymore.

But there is revive Carl, and it is cheap…


And not just that. A 40 pull now is 5k. Last time I checked it didn’t cost 10k to pull 40.


They’ve not put any bonus discount on multiple pulls, so 40xSingle pulls, 4x10 pulls and a 40 pulls cost the same.

Might wanna remove that “best value” under the 40 pull cost Scopley. Smells like deceptive advertising to me


Just one more fake advertisment by Scopely. This is 40% off, NOT 50%


Did 13 pulls, got 4* toons. Amazing.

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I got lester too…Its 6* but…

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I did try and warn people. Apart from Dante and Carl, there is really nothing great in that wheel. Few decent toons, and Duane is certainly decent. But nothing “premier”


Yea…i wanted this duane for a while bcs his active skill.And i pulled bcs i want another carl for deff team…now im waiting for dissarm whell.

50% off toons that are now redundant, what a promo!

Damn why premium :open_mouth: This dude should have gone right to the museum!

When it comes to Scopely, always remind yourself that if it’s too good to be true, it’s really too good to be true.

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Konrad and Dante are in that wheel. I want to pull!

All I can say to this is…


Maybe he will get him.

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Havent you heard hes now working on diego keys and currently will be asking for diego to the mueseum but cant buy the offers lol

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I’m taking my words back.


Two 4* using the only coins I had.

People are really pulling for characters not named Alice, Diego or Camilla? Smh.


Got winter Shiva, a dupe. My first ever 10pull in over 3ys of playing this game. (10000% F2P)
People must forget that not every player has the same needs/wants. And many could care less at this point given the state of the game.

I don’t want to give people hope but at least I’ve got sth good from this wheel.
(warning this is my first time get the advertise toon! most of the time is 4*)


I have legions of 4* now and a few 5* fodder. … I’m so ashamed of myself :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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