50% more coins from partners offers

This would be great if Tapjoy actually paid out coins for completing offers. I still haven’t received my 5900+ coins for completing Lord’s Mobile level 14 castle. Instead they reviewed my claim and denied it without ever giving me an email explaining why. The only thing I could think of is they thought something shady was going on because I completed it in like 3 days. That was only because I had bonus offers from Google Play to use in that game from buying cards for RTS pulls… if they emailed me I would have gladly showed them this but instead they rather just promote something and not reward you for your time and effort… hmmm… where have I heard that before? :thinking:


I’m working on the level 10 hq one atm.
I’m hoping to be done soon, as it’s paying out 6k coins.
I pulled a maim Shiva last time I did a ten pull, and I hope I get a revive.
My only two revivers atm are Amy, and Glenn.

Good luck getting your coins. 150% of 0 is 0.


It paid out last time I did offers, so I don’t see why it won’t now.

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Good luck man… just do a Google search for TapJoy complaints… you will see that you are in the minority…

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Fair enough.
It would be great if it does pay out, though.

unfortunately that isn’t the case for all, recently all offers i do come back as “denied” - getting hold of someone at Tapjoy is harder than getting a non automated nonsensical response from Scopely support


Yep. I got refused the FFV 100k power one, because I never downloaded the app apparently. I had screenshots (timestamped) and all, and they still refused.


Just downloaded two offers completed them and both failed lol 50 percent of nothing what a waste of time

I did that offer, and it went through.
I didn’t really get much good things from the coins, though.
Just santa shiva.
She’s kinda bad too.

I’ve had paid offers not paying out, despite proof and what not. Tap Joy is a scam.

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So far I have completed three of the slot machine type offers today. Nothing yet but maintai hope

See this is so wrong…

Isn’t a great feeling to do something in order to hopefully get some coins to help you in this game and then waste your time in that second promo game. If Scopely cared about their player base they would kick Tapjoy to the curb.

They still refused my screenshots too =/

Tapjoy is a joke that spams you so bad and never pays out anything.
Except for watching the videos.

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Terrible company they find any excuse to not pay out, I have been blame of using VPN to get offers, if I did I would not be complaining. I wonder if they can be reported to the bbb and maybe get removed from the app store and a better company takes over.

I think that they have been reported several.tikes to the BBB.

Its been more than a year that offers dont pay at all for me.
Just have a search on google with key words such as “tapjoy” and “scam” or “problem” and you will find that it is a worldwide and mobilegameswide issue !

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Another game I play use tapjoy but they also have 2 other sources for free currency. That’s what needs to be done here. I won’t go near tapjoy offers on the other game because their image is tarnished in my eyes from the amount of times they refuse to pay out for absolutely no reason.

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