50% coins offer


Hi there!

Today, there are 25% coins offers

Where is 50%? I would like to buy 4.000 coins =/


Wait for another #annigate or a matching by size fuck up


I’m waiting for this too, until then, I’m only sticking to the 30 day pass. If you want my money, make it happen Scopely!


Same where it be @JB.Scopely plz ty


Please @JB.Scopely! Help us! =/

Scopely will get a lot of money with this 50% coins offer =) :grin:


^^^^^^^^^ (blah blah sentences)


Im holding out until we get a 75% coin offer!
@JB.Scopely we know you have the power to do it!


Not when peeps buying 15-25% more coin paks


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