50% coins offer for this CRW weekend


Please!! We need coins! Do something about it @JB.Scopely

Coins in this game are very very very expensive =/
Meanwhile, VK is selling a lot of coins and you don’t do anything


If you think they don’t do anything, go buy from VK and see what happens.


No thanks, there is already enough coining in CRW as is




So you’re saying you’ve bought from them then.


Not sure where you came to that conclusion.


Thought maybe you were stating facts, not opinions. We all have those.


Was pretty much a fact. There are multiple factions who hack and buy from vk that the company has still yet to do anything.


Nothing :grin:


That’s why they keep selling coins in VK


Speaking from experience I’ve been banned twice for coin loading and vk purchases, ain’t doin that no more, scopely do catch you out just a matter of time


They’ve had plenty of time to catch several factions hacking or buying from vk and yet they’re still here


I know, these a person in my region using boosted 2* toons and yet scopely don’t ban him


^ Yes Sir


You? Yes probably needed to get rid of those stinky 5 stars fast


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