50% atk and def to all enemies huh?

So Harper just popped up in the premiers. Really? 50% atk and def for 2 turns to ALL ENEMIES with a triple hitter? I’m sorry but are you guys out of your mind?

You guys nerfed Wanderer cause he was too “overpowered” but she gets a pass to debuff and debilitates the rest of the team I see. While her effect isn’t as “severe” 50% compared to 60%, she can still disable a whole team’s usability entirely by going off in the second turn with a modified weapon. The only counter for her are toons that can recover from attack/defense penalties or all of them and to my knowledge, there aren’t many in the 6* meta. (Correct me if I’m wrong but the only one that cures all is Mackenzie and maybe Gabriel?) While I’ve remained FTP in this game for the most part, I do find it ridiculous that this is screwing with essentially all players in the game. Shields especially Magna are about to be a joke with Harper shredding her a new one, since whatever defense bonus she gets is essentially stripped off along and probably stunned cause of her shiny weapon.

Why bother foster the people who have played the game for so long by pushing out a character that can simply wipe their previous roster much faster?


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They are launching these characters because they lost about 70%-80% of their potential buyers for their survivor club, and they want the whales to spend to replenish that money they lost, did you guys really think they care about the balance or the Power surge? No


Where you get those percentages from holmes?

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No money no power for wanderer

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Every other toon they release there’s a thread saying it’s too OP. Unlikely it’s anything to do with SC; they don’t need an excuse for a money grab.

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just shell out 300 dollars for a couple 40 pulls i don’t see what you’re complaining about.


It’s a rare case for a toon to be “overpowered.” I don’t consider many of them exist, but there are definitely 6* who are eons better than some of their counterparts. I’m not saying it’s overpowered, I’m saying it tips the scales more than it should have. As it has the ability to completely render a team useless on defense. So any shield will be at regular stats and if anything at a major disadvantage. As -50% takes away the regular def, including the fact that the shield will most likely be stunned and then repeatedly bashed on, add that on with hard hitting characters such as Shiva (Green (cutthroat) or Yellow), Romanov and almost any character can get wiped out. Hard hitter characters on defense wouldn’t be able to even make a dent since whatever they hit or rush on it will automatically be halved not including any additional buffs that the offense team’s support characters give out. :man_shrugging:

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You can buy op toons they just won’t let you have them free

Waaaht she’s the new Priya ^^

Same way that everyone else gets their stats when talking about Scopely business numbers.

Make $h!t up.

I have 5 pryias now… waiting until 2026 for when they make her ascendable.

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Attack down resist

Its a simple business model, and it caters to a small percentage of the games players. There is a concept called managing by exception, which means you change the factors of a situation (i.e. manage it) based on the unique. Its like Chick Fil A deciding to sell hamburgers because 1 person made a fuss for them.

Scopely markets and sells its products to those consumers with expendable income or horrible gambling addictions who spend obscene amounts of money when a new card comes out. Keep in mind, they release a new card or two every week, and its planned obsolescence. The new Hotness last week is now outdated and not as OP because the new hotness this week is its counter.

So, they cater to the guaranteed revenue stream instead of 1) creating balance or 2) satisfying the majority. People spend, and anybody who thinks they can survive without spending in todays version of the game is fooling themselves.

Threads like this are like clockwork. Nothing is going to change unless Scopely adopts a different revenue philosophy, but its a gambling site, so why would they?

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