5* Wheel Update, what do you want?

So we have had the longest wait for a 5* Wheel update thus far at over 6months. We now have generation 2 6* characters in the game and it seems like a spring clean of the 5* wheel is very much needed.

In terms of what needs to be added to the wheel itself, it would be great if there was a wheel exclusive character to add at least a little bit of excitement to the wheel for everyone in terms of the possibility of getting something new.


Would you want a Unique Ascendable Character in the Wheel?

  • Yes
  • No

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Lastly would be good to get peoples thoughts on the possible available characters otherwise.

Please Pick two of each trait, and try and keep it as realistic as possible. No gen2 or OP characters, it is just not going to happen.


Some choices of mine

Full Video Rundown


I would love to see a unique character. Maybe make Kate and Caroline into legacies.


adding a new character that’s no one has yet in that wheel would be awesome, love your idea!


Unique as in, non legacy. Otherwise you can get them outside the wheel.


it would be great but they cant

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I know a few of those are still considered OP but most have been in event wheels with unrealistic odds, yet some lucky ppl have pulled them.

It’s more that they have sales potential they aren’t going to give away characters for free that they can sell. The Lydia stash was like $250+ and people went for it, Erika, Tyreese and Koa would draw the same sort of attraction too so I just don’t see it as much as I would like it.


I want a real guaranteed acendable wheel fuk the current rng one i still haven’t pulled alpha or any of the other acendables they added a few months ago.

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Okay, Scopes will give you a guaranteed Ascendable wheel. Here’s the possibilities-
Alert- Rick, Richard

Fast- Negan, Morgan

Strong- Negan, Beta

Tough- Abe, Jessie


Unable to get? In that case, they should add characters like the ones from events gone by, like Fast Rick. Those are unobtainable nowadays, might as well add a way for them to be obtained again.

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Or people like knox, execution negan, maddison, green eugene, green ivanova, romanov, green kal, glenn, christmas shiva, christmas ezekiel, siddiq and rosita. those guys are not overpowered nor underpowered and bring lots of use to teams. and for a unique rando promo that they decide to throw in that everyone will want could be a revive or decapitate.

Daryl is my favorite comic character, he should be in the show.


A yellow decap is needed alongside Tyreese and Alpha (assuming Sandy was part of the roadrage event)

REEE every comic buff here is offended by that comment


An idea for a unique 5* Acendable:

Alert Aiko

Deals 800% damage and impair for 2 turns to 3 enemies. 76 AP

Specialist skill: Disarm

Active skill: Defense down, affects 2 enemies with -70% Defense for 2 turns,

Still has the red bow in her hair, but wears a similar outfit to a school girl (wonder what this is referencing)


I love the idea of brand new unique 5* ascendable(s) only obtainable from the 5* wheel. For anyone that thinks that they couldn’t make money on it, believe me, they could if they made the toon worth pulling for and sold the tokens.

As for who I would like to see in the next update…
Alert: Andrea and the new threat Gov
Tough: Carl (arguably too good for the wheel but not OP) and Spencer
Fast: Rosita and …yeah just her.
Strong: Princess and Leagues season 1 Mirabelle- if that’s not realistic, then Anna I guess. (I think they should add the old league toons to the 5* wheel when they’ve been out for 3+ seasons…so toons from season 1 released to the wheel in season 4, season 2 toons in season 5…etc. This gives new players a chance at eventually having them, but far enough down the line that they are probably past their prime)

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Definitely not Erika, Lydia, or Tyreese. Koa MAYBE, but I’m doubtful. Negan & Winter Zeke aren’t bad picks.

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Highly doubtful. Shields are now one of the only things p2p have that f2p don’t.

I think Eric should be put in there.

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I’m ok with OP characters in the wheel, Carl was the best melee lead for ages and he was there, great idea this by the way bravo Lockdown

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