5* Wheel should be Updated

I know it was changed awhile ago but i want to see some of the new 6* like laura, Erica, dwight, beta, or even alpha as 5* there are too little in the wheel add some more pleasee

  • Yes, please add this.
  • No, this is stupid.

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Uma atualização é necessária mas não com Erika alpha beta :confused:


É verdade, é verdade, mas seria legal e legal você falar português :wink:

Obviously. Add a few more in there. My chances at one is shit anyway.


I think they changed the dupes again cause getting a massive amount here.Why not allow us to choose??

I don’t think it would help the meta for the op ones like Erika to be in there, but some of the weaker ones like Laura, blue zeek, kelly, and Jessie, sure.

Would be was too easy. Still couldn’t get one of my 4 Non-Ascendable Favorits: Blue Clementine, Shiva Rick, Audrey or Douglas :expressionless:

You do realize that both of the last 2 times they updated the wheel it was to dump more and more turds in the pot, don’t you?

Though I agree With as crappy as our chances are to pull ANYTHING at all thats would be useful, it would be nice to dream we might could pull an Erika. though I know only the whales have the better luck at doing it.

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Bleu Ezekiel is weak 0.o
Seriously, he is my best Attack toon so far


They’ll never add Erika into the wheel until they make characters 100× better than her.

Laura and blue Ezekiel are everything but weak

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They are relative to Erika, shiva, and Aris

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Do you have them?

Rethink everyone’s calling for ascendable toons to be added to the wheel not just f2p also need them in sd 5s slots are completely useless no ones shelling out 55k for a 5s

You know, i kinda prefer the idea of having a 6* wheel (as 5* characters though). Make these tokens accessible to everyone without flooding the game with em.

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I’d like to see the wheel changed to a stash instead, would eliminate the duplicates issue. Just reset it on completing.

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Definatly should be a 6s wheel

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A thing that bugs me is why do they did not remove the 5* that are on the 5* tokens from there.
It’s like a slap in the face when you pull for a character and get one you can get essentially for free.
Remove them and add any 5* not on any other list. There’s Priya, blue Carl, etc. that are not on the list.
I don’t mind getting a non-ascendable 5* from pulls, I really don’t. I know at some point in the future they will be made ascendable.
I don’t want to get a character that I can get for free from other parts of the game.

And yeah, I agree with the pool of 6* out there, there should be more on the premier wheel. Having just the ones you can get for free and a couple of weak p2p won’t cut it. Widen that list.

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