5* Wheel Refresh

The 5* wheel was last refreshed in September, so could do with a refresh. I for one have over 300k 5* tokens and have no need to pull from the current wheel due to already having the main characters in this one.

Please refresh Scopely:


Do you all ascend from the wheel

Okay, so who we need there:

  1. Eric;
  2. Donnie;
  3. Green Abe;
  4. Green Eugene;
  5. Red Eugene;
  6. Blue Maggie;
  7. Green John;
  8. Blue Andrea;
  9. Red Andrea;
  10. Green Ivanova;
  11. Blue Negan;
  12. Green Negan;
  13. Christmas Shiva;
  14. Classic Shiva;
  15. Yellow Shiva;
  16. Yellow Rosita;
  17. Rose;
  18. Princess;
  19. Shield Jesus;
  20. Winter Jesus;
  21. Blue Michonne;
  22. Yellow Michonne;
  23. Solange;
  24. Blue Dwight (legacy);
  25. Blue Dwight (new threat);
  26. Blue Alpha;
  27. Green Beta;
  28. Violet;
  29. RTP Rick;
  30. Guardian Rick;
  31. Blue Tyreese.

cant wait for them add more medacore toons

And Ryker :slight_smile:


I would still like to see Erika in there as she has lost her use but still a cool toon nonetheless

Забудьте о колесе, и вы потратите деньги с помощью рулевого колеса.

Ok, here’s Yellow Negan


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