5* wheel : Please quick answer

My fac teamate told me that you can get most toons in this wheel, even the ones not shown, he already got red Erika and green Gabriel, I’ve 82k tokens, I can make 8 pulls, is the whole gen1 database in here? If yes I can try :slight_smile:

Nah that’s not possible…you can get the ones it shows only them…I’d still say just do it

Okay, just need a confirmation

Please I’m in a hurry ahah

What kind of confirmation you want…I awnsered it

He wants to know if the almighty Kenny is in the wheel or else it is just a waste


I know mate and I used to think like you but he’s sure he pulled red Ekira, do you think he was out of his mind :sweat_smile:

Looking for gens1 actually :smiley:

Gabriel, Chris, William, BAC…

I doubt they’re in there

He used his 250k tokens and ended with 4 legends, Rikker (lol) Glenn Princess and Morgan, they’re all in so yes…

Erika is in prestige token wheel not 5 stars

Don’t think you can get any of those 4 from 5 star wheel. I know for a fact you can’t get Gabriel from it.

Well hes on the wheel.Hes a god…all 3 of them are I think

What do you mean?

Os it possible to think maybe he lied

You can pull more toons, that you see at wheel.

I just pulled 100k of 5* token an hour before posting this and guess what, none of those 10 pulls are ascendable. Maybe my account is marked unlucky one?

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