5* wheel is pathetic

5* wheel is so pathetic…there’s a handful of them which are decent the other are just plain ugly you get better 5* out of basic tokens. Suggestion maybe change the 5* wheel with the prestige wheel?


All outdated toons now


With s class coming into the game you would think when they update it it will be worth a pull…

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No my friend they are just throwing us scraps


Zach,red negan, wayland, raven,elle, (good blue toughs), Olivia, and more good premier toons in there.


Morgan,mich and rosie are some dope ass toons in the wheel that i personally use. Well can’t use rosie or second mich till i get medals.


Yeah but outside of those the rest of the wheel sucks dude.

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my blue morgan always kill s.class pete with his rush

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Yes I’m afraid they are all pretty much redundant now☹️

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It has always been like that, lol. War wheels, event wheels, everything. A few good toons and the rest weak and useless.

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I got my third red Roadie from the wheel today. I can feel your pain.

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I need Wayland still to get Axel wish he was somewhere to get on a wheel

I got Morgan, Michonne and Knox in one 10 pull guess i’m done with that wheel used my luck up

they could place maxed out s classes in the 5 star wheel
but u are in the wrong bucket, here, have a gatar

I pulled 3 roadies in a row

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