5* Weapons....Will this solution work?


I think Scopley should introduce 5* weapons that can only be used by 5 star toons. The weapon should have an extra slot for crafting. I think this will breath new life into the game by letting players strategically craft certain weapons for certain toons, which will make them more effective in a 6* star era. Image RTS # 2 Maggie which as 904 HP and 916 Def and 45 AP with a weapon where slot 1 has 30 Def, Slot 2 30 Def Slot 3 Has Huge AP on Attach and Slot 4 has Stun or Def Down, then put her under Mira or a Ericka. Now this once great toon is revitalized and can compete in a war event or put up decent points on a T5 Negan. In my opinion this can be easily introduced and would make a hugh impact.


Do I even have to explain how ridiculously OP that is for anyone lucky enough to get their hands on a epic weapon?


They are coming.


when? how soon? there is nothing to prove this, no developers have mentioned it. The newest BETAs have new features and fixes but no 5 * weapons. Please tell us what inside information you have that the rest of the world doesnt


Because lemme guess there is items and you can research dissembling? Lol


Its a matter of suppy and demand. There are whales that will pay any price to gain an advantage over other players. Scopley will demand you pay for them and many will supply them with money.


You cant restrict 5* weapons to 5* lol.

Promo toons like priya, teresa, sawyer, romanov are all weapon locked anyways so they’d be even more phased out

On a side note, dont pull any 6* weapon locked because 5* weapons ARE coming


5-star weapons will be the death of the game if they make 4-star weapons obsolete just like 6-star toons made 5-stars obsolete. Do we really all want to start over with weapon crafting again? I certainly do not.

Proof. Other than assumptions and speculations.


Proof is theres 5* weapon parts in the game, so its just a matter of time before they need promo money and release them


There was a gold radio in the game too until recently. They never did anything with that either.

It’s a logical assumption but still just that.


The five star parts have been around since the start of the armory - back in June/July of 2016? It was quite some time ago, so I can’t recall the exact time. I personally am not wishing for five star weapons but I do hope if they are released Scopley properly determines what to do with all those toons with bound four star weapons - like the latest toons the new 6 star Mich and upcoming 6 star Green Alpha and 6 star Romanov.


It’ll likely be a few months before we see 5* weapons, once the promos stop drawing in enough cash.
They should really work on region merging and legacy toons


This is just a suggestion to improve,revitalize the game and put 5* toons back into the fight. If there was a way to make 5* weapons only applicable to 5* toons, you can see how that will improve 5* Toons to allow them to compete with 6* toons. As opposed to just adding more 6s toons, this suggestion would bring back the element of strategy to the game since the decision of how to craft the weapon, which toon to craft for and how to place him/her into a team would be your own. Obviously making the 5 weapons available to 6* toons would further increase the gap between F2P and P2P players, which in turn would further ruin the gameplay/player experience. Making it just for 5* toons, in my opinion, would shorten the gap and give F2P players more options and more competitive.

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Is this just another “wah wah wah I can’t adjust to the six star era, so please buff five stars so i can be relevant again”?


no this isn’t


Fair enough.

But I don’t see why a new feature should be introduced to make 5 stars relevant again


I hope we never see 5* weapons introduced not now nor ever.


There are more 5 stars than 6 stars and, imo, a lot of 5s have way better rushs than 6 stars so if there was a way to make them relevant without giving more power to 6s it would make the game more interesting and competitive. If I can auto every team in War, how fun is that, but hypothetically, if I couldn’t auto an all 5*s team, but still beat them by actually playing them, that would be more engaging and funnier.


So what you actually want is greater six star diversity? Because that’s a movement I can get behind


I want to revitalize the game, so people would want to play to increase participation. I think we do this by improving on what we already have and not just throwing more 6s in the mix. Granted I would also like to see certain characters as 6s, but making 5s better doesn’t have to be at the expense of continued growth with 6s. We can have them both, but my suggestion would have a direct impact, I feel.