5* Weapons, Special Upgrade Guide

Going over all the trait upgrades for 5* weapons in each trait. Amplification, Destruction, Resistance and Team Player - Lots of potential powerful specials + character combos!

Also just do a quick walk through of how fixed attached weapon swapping works from beta.

Which Trait has the best 5Star Slot 4 Upgrades?

  • Alert
  • Fast
  • Tough
  • Strong

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It has been an Alert meta for quite a while, now almost every defense I see is led by Pete. Personally I feel these new weapons upgrades have some very powerful Tough mods. Makes sense, for all those that have been reveling in their Alert meta it’s time to shift towards a Tough meta and encourage as many to spend to get the armory upgrades to improve their Tough toons.

Can you do teir 4 for four star weapons?
before I start working on any 5 star upgrades I believe this mite be the road I need to travel

  • 4* weapons have 3 slots, and you get 3 upgrades on them
  • Make sure you do all 3 upgrades before making a weapon 5*
  • when a weapon is made 5* it gets a 4th slot and 3 more available upgrades
  • 5* weapons are ‘locked’ to whatever state it was when upgraded to 5*, so if you reset it, it will revert back to that state.
  • only 5* weapons can be given slot 4 upgrades

So if you had a stun gun with huge AP and 35% attack, you upgrade it to 5* and try for a 4th slot and don’t get what you want - if you decide to reset it will revert back to that original Stun gun with huge ap and 35% attack.

Also from testing, Amplification tier 4, the extra attacks you do on crit give AP to the enemy so it does NOT work like collat.

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Sorry probably I didn’t explain what I mean right.
I will or plan to reset some 4 star weapons before I upgrade to 5 star because of the teir 4 for the them being so much better I’ve only unlocked a few but with low resources I don’t want to waste.

is there better a stun, abs/def if u get me.

This should really be changed, if still true. I’d rather have nothing than have that. Same reason people were so upset with collateral before the fix. @ one of the blues?

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Bonus is double attack hits all 3, so if Priya had it you would get potentially a 18 hit rush.

if u get there but more likely turn 2 u accidentally trigger 2 ppls’ rushes from stupid ass splash damage