5* weapons coming?

With the weapon wheel update, why do I get feeling they are coming soon. Cynical after all these years I guess but I hope I’m wrong.


I wont be surprised to be honest! :joy:


Of course they are, they just dropped decent 4 star weapons in the wheel. The only way they would do that is if they will be obsolete in short order.


yeah i hope 5* coming asap

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Introducing 5* ascendable weapons! Choose the weapon you would like to ascend, select 8 other 4* weapons with weapon ascendance medals and tokens and wha-bam!! New 5* weapon!

Sounds like something that could possibly happen, lol


Add some rng fails in the ascendance process and also some new rng-earnable parts and yep, definitely could be a thing.

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With the amount of 4* weapons everyone has, I would honestly like to see that

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Don’t be daft, 5* weapons would be a huge meta shift straight on top of the S class one. Like Gen 2, dual specialists, etc

It’ll be at least 2 weeks before you can expect them


Not sure how they would introduce five star weapons especially with all the bound weapons these toons have like priya. But then again, they are bound to do anything that makes money.

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No not 5* weapons have you not learned anything from the Scopely handbook? S-class 4*s are the future man


They will have mods for 4* weapons. Best thing is they can be yours for this small sum of cash.

Well they have 3 way leader skill. I think ur right

“Small sum” is something in the 4 digit range?

Nope no 5*, only S-class 4* weapons

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