5* weapons broken

Anyone having trouble with there new 5* weapons or even tested them to see if they work
Set up Priya with a double attack weapon tested on new gear map using just her and not one double attack and not one extra attack using AR more broken shit😔

Same here the bonus habiltes are broken

Pimped up Michelle‘s knife and honestly it doesn’t feel like anything has changed. Could only get a 4th slot additional +75 burn for every hit with burn and +10% attack.

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So far mine are working

I got the +150 bleed and that works

My Priya has the double attack weapon and it definitely does work. It felt like it didn’t work at all in the beginning but it does now, almost like Priya had to warm up first lol.


And to add to this you can’t even swap 2 fixed weapons once both have been upgraded to 5*

I ran the whole gear roadmap with her on her own, nothing not once and it’s the same with raiding :pensive:

Same here. I pm gr a week ago about this and never had an answer …

@GR.Scopely :fu:

That’s not a middle finger btw :hugs:

If you can provide videos of the problem it helps them investigate quicker.

Umm yep that definitely is :joy:

:point_up_2: you were looking for this one :woman_shrugging:


Geez your right oops lol

I have a double attack 5* weapon on Priya and it works perfectly fine

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