5* Weapon/Translation bug - Mia's Gun

The 4th skill, providing +20% attack and +20%AP FOR TWO ROUNDS is not working.
The adrenaline push in there one in round one.

Please fix or explain. Thank you.

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It’s new Obs it wasn’t going to work🤗

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Wording of that effect:

Random AP + ATK: Randomly give one other team member 20% ATK for two turns and +20% AP at the beginning of every wave

So the following happens: At the beginning of each wave, one other team member is selected. That team member gets +20% AP, and a buff for 20% ATK for two turns. The AP boost is explicitly not within the scope of the two turns, it just happens once.

If I understood your previous posts correctly, you are not playing the game in English, but a translated version. The original phrasing of this trait was different:

In this version, it is left unclear whether the AP boost is supposed to happen for two turns or not.

I would suspect that they changed the wording of the effect to clarify this, but did so after translations were done, and did not update them accordingly. (Or the translator did translate the wrong interpretation)

[ETA] If I’m right, Scopely should probably be made aware of the translation issue, as they are selling things different from what they advertise. @GR.Scopely Also, if so, which language is it?

That is exactly it! I understand your explanations. In the German translation, there is NO unclarity, because the “AP” part is in the middle of “two rounds” and the “Att bonus” .
Sadly it is wrong.

Scopely? Selling something different to what they advertise? No! Absolutely not! Not a chance. Never.

At least not in the last few hours…

@Oger: yes, the German translation is quite explicit. It’s a mistranslation of the current wording of the English weapon.

@Kanaima: this would probably be enough for a refund request - what it said you’ll get is very different from what you actually get. Scopely are usually good about not having these kinds of issues (plenty others though), and address them quickly.

@GR.Scopely: Forward this to the team. I’ll even throw in a non-ambiguous German translation for free: “Gibt zu Beginn jeder Welle einem zufällig ausgewählten Teammitglied +20 % AP und zwei Runden lang 20 % ANG”. Should be a simple change, and leave you less exposed to refund requests.

bahahahahaha, every single time I have provided cast iron evidence for this and request a refund I have been met with denial. And Google are too busy dodging tax and spying on everyone to have any f_cking interest in looking after their customers

Sergio’s Weapon in the mission has the same/similar skill on third slot as Mia’s 4th.
True for the English translation as well?

It’s not the same, as the boost goes to the holder, not a random team member, but otherwise it should work the same.

[ETA] might be good if you or someone else tags GR on this one, I might be muted.

@DrJank - Thanks again for this report. Escalated further for investigation.


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