5* Weapon swap Epic effect glitch

When I swap a new weapon into Sandy, the epic effect: add 15 ATK and 35 CRIT to adjacent teammates applies to some and it changes evertime I edit team. It’s constantly changing, both during combat and visually during the edit screen. Please fix. I’ve attached the weapon in this post, And I will attach photo examples in the 1st comments.

Look at the attack stat on Priya for example. Should be 16 K with 2 of Mia’s pistols but it jumps to 14K or 12K with the exact same setup. Keeps glitching.

Ive also seen strange things with those weapons. Like an adjacent toon not getting the buff while others do. But when i swap things around and eventually return to the original setup, i see the buff being applied suddenly

Because scopely once again released something without testing because they knew it would sell either way

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Still waiting for them fix priya 4th slot no doing what suppose to do

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@MRNICEGUY - Thanks for your post. I will have the team look at this.

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