5* weapon stat swap info

So how does it work? Does it take a crafting slot? Can you only do it once? Can i swap on a fully crafted weapon? Can i swap multiple times, lets say i take +40 attack, swap that and upgrade to +50, swap that and upgrade to +60, etc? Can i swap any effect, 3rd and 4th slot? Is their a chance of failing?

Holy, calm down. The answer to all these questions is “no”

All that happens is you can attach any weapon to that toon for the current battle. No need to freak out.


You can swap a 5* weapon for a 5* weapon. As they are. Basically its allowing to change locked weapon.

Though you can’t assign a “removed” special weapon to any other toon.

Limitations are they both have to be 5*, same trait and cant use anyone else’s bound. Also cant equip the used weapon on anyone else on team.

No ones freaking out except maybe you. They are legit questions. Nice try on being the cool kid i guess :man_shrugging:


Still dont understand the swapping much lol

In this alone i have got different answers :man_facepalming: @LadyGeek @GR.Scopely @TayTron can i get some more info on weapon swapping please, i am a bit confused on how it works exactly.

They are same answers…

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Not really any solid matching answers, so only bound 5* weapons can be swapped for a current battle?

Lol. Both weapons need to be five star. You can’t swap a bound weapon onto another toon, just swap a regular weapon onto a toon with a bound weapon.

For example: you can put a military shotgun on an class priya but you can’t put priyas bazooka on anybody else.

It’s a cool trait, but expensive as you need 100,000 armory tokens (to upgrade the bound weapon to five star and the other weapon to five star).

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Thank you Ricky! I thought it was slots lol

Silly me I thought

“You can switch a characters bound weapon”

was simple enough to understand, next time I will be sure to go into far more detail :+1:

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It’s ok, i have people like Ricky to provide real answers. :grin: