5 Ways Scopley Failed Us this month



Bet this post won’t stay up very long lol


Only 5?


Hehe, what did I miss?


Idk dude scopely has failed us for idk 3 years now and they clearly dgaf


they also forgot the daily gear map… just saying


It actually does not suck.


Maybe you shouldn’t have moved Wolves Among Sheep and stayed in your region until league ends?


Keep making these videos


It’s nothing to do with if and why. It’s just silly Imo and a lot of other people’s opinion also. The fact that there’s a lack of real rewards I mean. Look at diamond 250k trophies. That’s enormous. Silver = 10k. It’ll take 1 week for one tier to get promoted. Solver 2-3-4-5 to gold 1 is 5 weeks of being satisfied with horrid rewards. This is in all essence a Tournament. Like level up, raid and survival road and war.


It’s silly only to those people who moved to a new region in a new faction. It was clear from day 1 that faction league points don’t transfer. Like all events (except LU) this is part of the league tournament.


No I understand this but you’re missing the point. The thing I’m pointing out here is that the lack of rewards are making people unmotivated that’s all. If it’s like this in silver, what’s it like in bronze? There no way to actually benefit from this and get ahead. I mean last raid I earned 20k solo trophies that’s double they’re offering for the entire faction reward. See my point?


I agree rewards suck. I’m in D2 and we’re #1 but rewards still suck for the effort. #1 gets 3 pieces of t3 gear and 200 legendary tokens. T3 gear I need but legendary tokens have over 2k. I’m setting my alarm just to make my hits and continue with my life. It’s more time consuming than SR with similar or worse rewards.


I know right


Add another one… Putting Shane up as SLUT reward, while he’s available in the Anniversary Collection.


Last Faction SR rewards. Completing SR and finishing top 10 would give

  • 1 t3 gear
  • 1 t4 gear
  • 1 Aden
  • 1 Lilith
  • 50 Legendary tokens
  • 100k silver tokens

Finishing #10 in Diamond 2 league you get

  • 15 legendary tokens
  • half t3 gear

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