5* War Special Event

Would love if Scopely had a special war for 5* toons only. Would bring a total different dimension to war and would be fun to see where factions finish.


No, that’s awful.
I pretty much got rid of all my epics.


I get why it sounds cool, but you have to remember we moved on from 5* for a reason lol


That sounds so much better, what a dumb idead


Others won’t have and would be great to see the lower factions having a chance at actually winning against the top factions.

Even if it was just a one off special event.

WOW you are so wrong, nothing would change and all lower factions would get destroyed!


Also remember it’s worse now :slight_smile: I guarantee new specialist skills weren’t balance tested for 5* vs 5* play. Plus in the past only a few 5* toons were prevalent enough for people to have duplicates and triplicates, there are probably multiple people with half a dozen of the more powerful 5* toons.


Only one way to find out.

I ran a 5* duel cup in my faction a couple months ago, There was 28 Priya/Shield Michonne teams :roll_eyes: and we’re a mid table Plat fac

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Plus all the time for more weapon crafting - I didn’t have 6x 8% weapons in the old days, now I’ve got them for crit weapons, offense, defense, every which way.


Please use the search function next time this has been brought up before and also it’s a bad bad idea


every time someone comes up with this theme I wonder, why teams get new players, why not let the players of 20 years ago keep playing like Maradona and Pele, just imagine how fun that would be :man_shrugging:

Your analogy doesn’t work :man_shrugging:

First he never suggested keep playing 5*s and not change

Second there are regularly tournements where 40+ y/o “Legends” battle it out in a one off less serious for a bit of fun matches, where 20 y/o 6*s are not eligible

Lower factions beating higher factions… did you eliminate coining in this scenario?

Listen … People have no memory at all lol all the ogs waiting to dust off their andrea glass cannons and priya pita teams and theyll quickly remember why we ended up in this position :laughing::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Bloodshed disguises itself well in rose tinted glasses lol

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I’ve said this before (twice, actually) , but can’t seem to quote myself due to the age of the thread in which it was mentioned. But here it is again:

The idea sounds like nostalgic bliss, but it’s actually an awful concept. I suspect it’s mainly pedelled by those who have collected a lot of premium 5★ toons during the 6★ era (such as a number of the shields, Priya etc) and can’t quite hack that the toons they once coveted are about as useful as chocolate teapot.

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Bro im using that line at some point in life lol

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So basically I’d be punished for trying to move on from the past?

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I’d love to have a 5* blitz.

That would be so much more fun that any of the previous event we’ve been fed.

But as there would be no extra incomes for scopes and as they would prolly fail to code it properly, we would most likely end up with 3h long trainers war and no more war at all …

So, in before it gets completely forgotten and buried under ignored posts.