5* war, is it going to happen or not?

it’s been a while people talked about it.
and some people want it (including myself), so is it going to happen in the near future?

I don’t think that this could happen, the idea could be great. However the hype is now getting a decent 6* team and evolving the old 5*…

that hotdog tho XD

Just give me 2 weeks heads up. Though I bet we will all be pretty bored by it as we will just be swinging turn 1 teams, now with disarms!!

Disarm, Victor, Command 1 (Maggie) , Victor rush (debuff) , AoE toon, Command 2 (Maggie), AoE rush.

Disarm could even be Harper if you had a spare.

Just like everything else in this game, the only heads up you’ll get is from vk like a day before

That’s fine plenty of toons to speed level with.

Please no

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Yes* (7 chars)

Not. This is a sentence

It is DEFINITELY never going to happen for so many reasons. OGs foddered many toons. New players have had to burn through them way too fast to save em up in order to get their 6*s on point. Etc. No chance.


All that you said are reasons that it will happen. Scopely will sell 5 stars for it, many would buy since they have little to none.

The community couldn’t do this themselves, sure you can all have a 5* d but you aren’t gonna be able to trust everyone to only hit w 5*. Id k if scopes can limit just no 6*, they have done it in roadmaps, but not anywhere else. If they tried to do it by team cost u could still have 6*, but maybe a 4* having to be in the mix. I’ve held onto most of my t1 atk team and could piece together a def i’m sure. Would be fun

Depends, can we have it before they started giving everyone 5* and those who didnt have any good 5* in the first place have none again. How about those who have 6* be reverted to 5* for the war so that they are still better than those who gotten good 5* when they didnt before.

6 stars wouldn’t be converted back. It would cause too many problems for both Scopely and the players.

That would be EPIC

see what I did there? giggles

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