5 war energy points instead 4

Hello guys.
I faced with bug on current war. Not me by the way, all my teammates.
So, we have 5 war energy points instead 4. The status bar shows 5/4.
Did you see the same? Is it bug or feature?

I have the same thing.

2 bugs my faction have found so far

SHHHHH!!! :joy:


yeah, I saw it too!

Yeah it’s awesome. DONT CHANGE IT SCOPELY

Also, I think that this bug with 5 points appears when I hit a tower (for blue, if this matter) and I don’t get this tower. Then I get 5 points and go hit enemies’s asses.

It’s not a bug… only players who don’t win towers receive the extra energy. I assume this is their way of stopping tower ghosting. They are giving you an extra energy to stack the towers.

Happened to me twice out of 10 or so wars. Gotta love it hah

Here’s hoping for an increase then!

I think it’s a bug, i don’t doubt u have good intentions but u better said nothing lol.

Do you normally win towers? It only happens when you lose tower

Nice photoshop lol

Legit. They are just attacking a fleeing non stop at start.


Lol if you think that’s photoshopped, greedy is known in this community. Unlike you. Why photoshop.

Why does him being known mean anything? To a normal player like myself it looks like someone is just taking the piss. Now that there is evidence supporting it I apologise for being mistaken.No need to be rude lol

Personally, I don’t like taking advantage of bugs so if I get the 1 extra when legitly going for a tower, I will use it, as who wouldn’t lol, but I don’t think people should be farming it as it’s just going to make wars faster and could make you queue longer if you then can’t refill the queue lol.

We tested it out in war and you actually stack up energy. @Wanderer caught us testing the bug and we can safely say it can be reproduced and is because of the “free” attack you get on a tower if the attack doesnt go through it isnt finalised and doesnt use the energy it seems. Attack tower -> flee and repeat builds it up

@CombatDevIl need more info?

I tested earlier during war. You all just took it further and Non stop. Greedy let it out of the bag with the 14 energy screenshot…

I dont need a ban cause @Wanderer is posting my ss on the forums to this trying it out lol