5* toons wars - PLEASE

I remember getting really excited whenever i got a new 5* bc it took forever to get 10k tokens and you could actually use them and see how well they fit in your main team. Now they are so much easier to get but no one uses them anymore. I only have 1 5* in my team and its only bc of her shield. I have a lot of good 5* which are useless now that its all about 6*.

Before there were 6* everyone had different teams and therefore wars and raids were more fun. Now everyones team looks the same, having either mira, carl or erika as leads. Impossible to beat for new players. And boring to fight for old players.

Now dont get me wrong I love the 6* but maybe make them more accessible? I‘m f2p so im not interested in the promo 6* toons. Havent gotten a 6* from 5* tokens or prestige tokens in 6 months now.

I think that events/wars where you can only use your 5* toons would make the game 1000x more fun for everyone and may even save the game. I’ve seen a lot of people suggest the same thing. PLEASE MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!

Thanks for reading


That would be pretty cool.

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Would love to be able to use my OG defence again.


Our faction set up friendly duels that way. It’s quite interesting with the new weapons. My two turn attack doesn’t quite work anymore against a windowless team. Weapons are much better now after all these months.


Bad idea and won’t be as engaging since most people have gotten rid of all of their 5 *’s already

I would prefer a 4* War, because I’m the only person I know, using
a 4* in War. (At this progress level)

We’ve just started 5* defences but 2 man attack teams - leads to some interesting banter and challenges in faction chat.

Love duel mode for this reason alone

just do something with the towers that benefits the 5* only, or make the buffs bigger for 5* chars. Or just boost the overall stats of 5*. The gap between 5 and 6 star is a lot bigger than it was between 4 and 5 star. I don’t really understand why they did something like this. It makes them more money if people need a stronger variaty of 6* characters to really outstand 5*

Hmmm… or something like TCG (Magic) for example. 1 6* max in the team. The idea is great. :wink:

Once again, the real crux of a post like this is the ridiculously slow release of freely available legacy ascendables which is stifling and suffocating the F2P meta.

And, for the record, I’d be against this anyway.

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bad idea. 5* are a thing of the past, get over it


Why bother? Toons don’t mean jack, it’s all about the weapons

That would be fun and interesting. I’m down with the cause. I could be a blitz war with 5*s only to test out the concept. #Dope

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