5* tokens wheel

Is there anything good in the 5* token wheel?

aris (7 chars)

Aiko, Green Alpha, Aris, Kal

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Only Alpha for me for decap

Aiko is the only one that interests me.

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I herd Hunter is in the too or was I fooled

Not in there. Only free revive is the one in the museum.

Erika Isent in there lol

Alpha because she’s got decap. Almost a necessity these days with all the time out teams.

Don’t see why people like Aiko over blue Andrea. No contest Andrea is much better just as strong if not stronger and has a great lead skill so your not wasting two spots to get the same damage. Andrea also makes Ty and the rest of your ranged toons pop much faster. Andrea is a hell of a lot easier to get too. Wait or refresh your depot.

Erika is most definitely not in there nor will she ever be in there.


Ty pops round 2 behind Andrea. ‘Nuff Said.


They really need to update that wheel in next few months lol

Sucks 7 char

If there was, it would have been nerfed wanderer-style a long time ago.

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