5* tokens question /suggestion



This should help us relax. :grinning:


yeah cats always made me happy and keep smile :slight_smile:


Many games have an auction house where the game keeps 10% for profit and lets say you put up a toon for 30k depot points someone pays it and scopely takes 3k off it you get 27k. That would allow them to monitor the toons


I’m cool with that but lets make it 5% :grin:


I’ll max my 5* shiva’s out at t4 lvl 80 for those who want her for a mear useless 50k depot pts.


me gustaría mucho una rueda de fichas de solo personajes ascendibles a 6*, aunque den menos fichas, ya que no he conseguido a carl aun!

I would very much like a wheel of chips of only 6 * ascendable characters, even if they give less chips, since I have not got Carl yet!


@kalishane any insight on original post?


Sold :wink::wink::wink::wink:


it’s 2018 I Don’t mind Epics but was thinking more along the lines of choose your own Epic for a reward.If it’s ascends you have to pay for those.Tho lowering the cost might be cool.Great ideas Queen


Will people please stop saying 5* are useless in war? While only a few still make most defense teams, they still have value on attack teams. Red Andi, red Kenny, even shields (buffed by leads and weapons), sr Zeke, blue Bruce, Priya, Swordchonne, and others are still useful, and deadly. We need to get over this mindset of it’s 6s or nothing, or you are missing a big part of the game.