5* tokens question /suggestion


@kalishane are you able to give some insight on the decrease of the amount of 5* tokens in rank rewards for solo and faction tournaments?

I know that there was a period when many on the forums were requesting other rewards like ascendables instead or 5 tokens, but that has not happened at this point, and we still have 5* tokens as a main reward, why was the amount decreased instead of increased?

With the current 6* meta, 5* characters have lost their value, so I don’t understand why we are getting less chances at 5* instead of more.

Speaking from my own personal perspective only, I love the surprise of pulling new characters, especially since there are many i don’t have or lost to ascendance. I would love more opportunities to pull from the 5* token wheel. I usually place in top 100, a few times on top 10 in solo tournaments, and my faction normally places 3-4 in faction events and I have only had 1 pull at the 5* wheel in the last month or so.

If we are keeping 5* tokens as the main rewards, I think it will be beneficial to increase the amount of 5* tokens given as rewards to give players new toons or fodder, we also need even more toons with the constant level ups. Top factions should receive 2-4 pulls, top 10 should get at least 1 pull…and so on. Solo top 10 should receive 2-3 pulls, top 100 1 pull, and so on.

This is a trickle down suggestion, because this would also give new players and lower level places chances at more toons as well.

I would love to hear any insight you may have on this or if you could present this to the team, it would be greatly appreciated @kalishane
Thanks for taking the time to read. :slight_smile:


I’m still trying to get a damn Shiva! So yeah I would like to see a token increase, especially when busting your ass all weekend with little sleep for a damn Vernon or Christa smh…


That damn cat still evades me too. I feel your pain :cry:


Absolutely sucks! Tried saving pulls and everything. Need her so bad :fearful:


I hate seeing these jerks flaunting their teams with 2 or 3 lol


A faction mate of mine is one of those Jerks with 2, has revive on them both, his set up is crazy lol. That Stun active skill is awesome, and it’s Shiva lol


Yea my fac mate has two with stun claws on his team, and just as an extra kick in the teeth he has a 3rd one on a tower team :angry:


Wow man that’s some amount of luck :flushed: here’s to hoping we both luck out in the near future. Think we both deserve one :joy:


Despite my name lol , I too haven’t been lucky enough to Score a Shiva yet. Would love her


What we really need is a 5 star ascendable wheel with only the f2p toons in it. We need a new token for this wheel and that should be the prize given out in every event. At this point there is almost no 5 star that can be of use in a war or raid. Sure a few are still fine for sr and fa but who cares about that. There is very little hope of pulling an ascendable from the gigantic 5 star wheel now.


Or even a stash sort of token feature. Those that have them could o for another, or even use it as fodder. Hell since ascension rolled around I got 3 5* Ty and 5 5* Boobs that I gladly used as fodder lol. Would deffo be great for those that are still chasing Shiva / Carl


I’m sorry for your guy’s trouble on shiva evading you. but i have 3 of the 5* version and since I have devoted myself to running range def and atking teams. These shiva’s have 0 use to me.

When trading becomes available give hart region in-game name(Fingernurbutt) a shout and i’ll trade you guys my shiva’s I do not need or want.


I had a faction mate with the same problem, I had 2 ascendable tuki’s and him 2 shiva’s. Would have gladly parted with some coins or whatever to make a trade. Can see why they don’t implement it tho tbh. Many people would exploit it… :disappointed:


Can I have one please? lol
I have kinda given up on ever pulling her from tokens.
Would love a stash. Or have her sold out right.


Yep trades would be awesome but they struggle with all the cheaters now imagine what would happen if they did allow trades. These people would make a dummy account and feed everything to their legit account. It sucks that these few individuals have to ruin things for the rest of us who are honest and playing the game straight up.


I would love to see trades but we all know that will never happen because of the cheaters. Good luck. Hope you pull the toon your looking for!


It’s wouldnt be so bad with the hacking if they actually would monitor network traffic between regions and the players that would reside. If they made just a configuration baseload on the server end and if the client/user would send anything different than what the server is dishing out. Boom problem addressed and then looked at then bans across the board.


Bans are EVERYWHERE!!!


keep smile guys :slight_smile: and chill


Thanks man! Yep I agree the cheaters would certainly take advantage, and I second that statement about a handful of people ruining something that would benefit so many straight up players.


All for it. Everyone who cheats needs to have there account wiped. Still don’t understand how someone who cheats there way to victory thinks that they are a winner.

I would love to be able to trade. Are there any other games similar to this that have the ability to trade? At this point I would welcome trades 100% if done right.