5* tokens instead of supply points for conversion of event tokens

Mid table factions dont get enough points to do an event pull whether this event or previous , so while others fight for a pull we end up getting supply points.
So i suggest that whatever wheel token for example the winter token , gets converted to 5s tokens instead of supply points . It feels really terrible waring multiple times for supply points


Sure, 1 winter token for 1 5* token.



Supply points to scopely is like pennys to the pitiful, don’t think I ever saw scopely out right sell supply depo points but they would for five star tokens.

My point is that five star tokens makes them a profit while the depo points are just to fluff your pillow at night.

Reading that gave me a good chuckle.

I prefer the depot tokens. For me personally the 5* tokens are pure fodder. If people want the change at least give the option instead of trying to change it for everyone

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Depot tokens can get you guaranteed decent ascendables. Five star tokens offer a chance at that, but mostly fodder.


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