5* tokens drought


These nuggets events are nice and all, but we still need fodder (also medals, but there’s a thread on that already) to ascend the toons. Ever since the wood nuggets event started we had no more 5* tokens in tourneys. I don’t think that Christa and Earl (just to name a few toons) are that valuable that you have to eliminate the 5* tokens from the tourneys while the nugget event is running. Most of us appreciate these events, but do keep in mind that these ascendables are worthless without fodder (ascending 4*>5* takes way too long, getting a Ben from a war/raid milestone won’t help that much either).


We definitely need a steady supply of 5* tokens for pulls/ feeders. I’ve noticed this drought too and it’s kinda depressing. 6 months ago I would be picking up at least 2.2k 5* tokens every event and I had a nice stream of 5s coming in. I guess they don’t want us to have that anymore?


Why 5* tokens though? For one, it takes a rather enormous amount to do a pull. Only people who can place in with 1-10 can gain enough to constantly pull a 5* while for other, it could take weeks or a whole month. Second, there are people who want to ascend what ascendable epics they have but don’t want to use their other regular epics as fodder. The best way to go about it is another Death Note event or make trainer bags with 3-5* the tournament reward throughout the rankings.


Yes, because Ben crates were flowing like crazy from that one, and most of us sure love to grind even more. More rng for the masses, that will fix the fodder shortage.
I wouldn’t really consider 10k an enormous amount. With the amount of LUs going we can get a steady flow, placing top 100 isn’t even that hard.


honestly, 5 star and 4 star tokens should be dropping in normal stuff like raids, territory, farming. It would encourage people to be more active IMO. It can be like given out in small amounts like 25 or 50 tokens. It will all add up and make it faster to do pulls.


While I wouldn’t turn down another death notes event, that’s not a gauranteed option. I farmed it hard and got no epic crate


Essentially you can get a 5* out of the nuggets too and one that is a guaranteed ascendable compared to the odds of only possibly pulling an ascendable 5* from the token wheel. That is the arguement usually. That tokens will just provide usuless fodder and that if you need fodder anyway just get Vincent and sacrifice him… I don’t think that’s the right way of looking at it.

Take this example, I don’t benefit from Vincent. He l doesn’t offer much for my roster. But I do not want to to press my luck on a dumb RNG based gear crate either, probably ending up with the piece of gear I don’t need. Especially when I’ve put forth some amount of effort toward the tournaments to get the nuggets, both faction and solo. I would much rather have a go trying for Carl. And yes that’s still reliant upon RNG but at least the worst thing I can get is a 5* that I will definetly need to ascend one tons 6* later. I’d rather this scenario over ending up with A) gear I don’t need B) a character that I don’t benefit from. But the absence of tokens doesn’t allow for that. Why participate in the tournaments even then you say? Because this nugget thing lasts about a month long as I might as well not be playing (which is not something I currently want to do) if I don’t, to at least a small degree, participate.

All in all. Nuggets are not a replacement for tokens. And the empty bottom row of potential prizes that exists on every tournament during the duration of these things is ridiculous.


How about a Blitz War instead of the incessant level ups?


Yep, you nailed it right on the head. It’s either 5 star tokens or nuggets but somehow cant be both. Replace the item tokens with the 5 star one’s please. It’s not gonna break the game to give people a shot at some acendable toons from the terrible 5 star wheel a few times a month. At least we can get some fodder out of it.


Easy fix. They need to stop being terrible to the lower ranks and spread the love. Start it off at 2500 for the bottom tier and work it up 500-1000 from there. 5 star’s are not what they once were. No one is winning with a roster of them. Not even dual Pryia’s mean anything anymore against a full squad of 6 stars.


I’ve just done a pull on the wheel and it’s been weeks since last one,and again I get Zeke all out war, there’s so many on there I haven’t had yet still get the dupes all the time really is a big disappointment, so a few more weeks or months before next one and next disappointment


How about almost ANY event other than the incessant level ups? If we are going to get so many level up tourneys, can we get the milestones reduced to something that players not sitting on a dozen already ascended 6 stars can achieve without massive real life cash?


Level up’s are a total waste of time right now. The 3 rewards to 500k are can be had 4 times a week by doing the gear map so I do not see the point to them. In order to get anything you have to commit to 750k and then each reward is trapped inside of a rng bag or box. No thanks. When they go back to 5 star tokens for the rewards does anyone with a full squad of 6 stars even need them? Nope. Most of my faction mates and I are basically boycotting them until they actually offer up something worth going for. I really do not understand how people constantly go all out for these “rewards”. The gear you waste to level up toons you never will use just makes no sense to me. Hey but to each his own. If you find pleasure in leveling up random useless toons then be my guest. I will stick to war, raids, and survival road.

There should never be more than one level up per week. Period.


Give more fragments of 5, or lower prices, although I think we all would like a quick wars during the week or weekend instead of both level and level bored, also because not a new roulette with those of 6 possible? I tell many we lack characters like carl, shiva, etc. we are bored of the same teams of 6, always same leaders mirabell or carl, and soon vicente! we want variety in those of 6, or to be able to get those that we lack make of 6 of the old ones that such deny in firing shot or classic michonne, red caroline ??? characters that will have more of a veteran player or not so veteran, more than 6 with leader skills and have more variety in the teams!

Que den mas fragmentos de 5, o le bajen los precios, aunque creo a todos nos gustaría unas guerras rápidas entre semana o fin de semana en lugar de tanto nivel y nivel aburre, ademas porque no una nueva ruleta con los de 6 posibles? digo a muchos nos faltan personajes como carl, shiva, etc. estamos aburridos de los mismos equipos de 6, siempre mismos lideres mirabell o carl, y próximamente vicente! queremos variedad en los de 6, o poder conseguir a los que nos faltan hagan de 6 de los antiguos que tal negan en de disparo de despedida o michonne clásica, caroline roja??? personajes que los tendrá mas de algún jugador veterano o no tan veterano, mas de 6 con habilidades de líder así tener mas variedad en los equipos!!!


Agreed i only go for 750k, 1.2m only need one of each item compared to 750k so i only do it twice for every six and 2 mil :sob: have never gotten even close, if i ever try for 2mil it will take a month of planning just for 1 chance that would be six months for me if i always get the item i want also 1 event per month so i loose all these 750k bags. Maxing a 6* from t1 to t4 wont do it and for that you need more than one crate. :scream:


Wow what region is that 2mil in Albert is guaranteed top 20.


Not in my region. Right now you need 1 million to be in the top 100. Our top 10 are usually the same people every single event. Top 14 are over 2 mil.


Guess people really want them nuggets. That’s crazy then people go and complain that they have no gear. I wonder why. lol


Only 11 players hit the 2mil milestone in my region usually is less than 4.


Wow, that makes me feel like my region is dead. 800k usually gets you top 100.