5* Tokens As Prizes for Events


Is anyone else tired of participating in events for 5* tokens just to get a duplicate useless 5* toon? The last few events that’s all I’ve been getting and it makes me start to wonder what the point of playing or participating in events when the reward isn’t worth it anymore. @kalishane is there a plan to make prizes better? A plan for a better wheel for pirzes? I’ve even tried saving up my tokens to do a 10 pull and that didn’t do anything different. Something needs to change.


What we need is a new token and a new wheel with just the ascendable f2p 5-stars in it.

It’s time. Regular 5-stars are worthless to anyone who isn’t new. Competing for fodder is not fun, engaging, or worth the effort.

Please give us a reason to play.


There’s still a lot of 5*s I don’t have, plus they’re easy LU points and ascendance fodder when I’m done with them. Having a bunch of them leveled also helps with regular SR.


Dont be that guy. Ascendable 5*s are worth plenty of level up points too. The same amount, in fact.


Just make an ascendables only wheel and make it cost double the tokens. Id be happy with that at least.


I didn’t realize there’s supposed to be mutual exclusivity between what the kinds of 5*s that players may want.


We can still get 5-star tokens as rewards too. Ideally, it would be the new token, 5-star tokens, and gear. I hate when they leave blanks.


It wouldn’t be so bad if we were guaranteed not to get a duplicate. But working hard in events just to get a repeat toon that you’ll never use just sucks. Maybe we could still get 5* tokens for like level ups but for War, Raid and SR give us tokens for 6* ascendables.


It would be nice if they removed the wheel and turned it into a stash. At least that way we would not get any dupes until we completed the stash or they reset it.


5* Tokens is basically the New Prestige Tokens. All we get is duplicates and toons we won’t use except maybe once in a great moon we can get an ascendable toon. Something needs to change because these prizes just aren’t worth it anymore.


I’ve thought about this as I totally agree with you. Scopley should bring in a token that you earn after you’ve pulled 5* toons that allows you to pick a 5* toon of you choice, I’m sick of yellow ricks, red Shane’s, Red cain.

Something needs to change soon as it’s getting tedious


I don’t mind playing for 5* tokens, I think there could be better rewards for events but 5* tokens I’ll take any day of the week. I get a diff toon everytime I pull one so gift me all your unwanted tokens.


I saved all mine up until they updated the 5* token wheel did a 10 pull and got garbage lol now I regret having pulled since the update was crap.


Lol so it’s basically like getting a glorified Benedict instead of a 5* that becomes a 6* that you could use.


It’s lame, I’d feel different if I got different toons but i get the same toons and none of the useful ones


Seems that there is a disagreement between newer players and of players here. So why not add a new wheel with ascedable 5* only. Change the meta so top rewards are tokens for the new wheel, that way new players can build up with 5s and og players can save tokens for ascedable 5s. Something like this would not break the game as both players would get what they are working towards. New player would get the toons they need to build and get better eventually being able to join upper factions and start getting 5* ascendable tokens. Seems to me it would create a natural ladder that would benefit everyone.


Since Scopley likes museum collections, why don’t they add a museum collection for the 5* tokens to exchange them for either a new ascendable token or a new 6* token. This would allow those who wish to save up and get a guaranteed ascendable could do so. Those who need the fodder or the levelup points could just use the 5* wheel.


I AM! SICK OF THE SAME BORING TOURNIES ALSO. useless tokens if the wheel doesn’t change. So sick of dupes that you can’t upgrade anyway without certain gear.


There should be a 6s or 5s ascend category in token


Yeah i play the game. I said it’s a “glorified” Benedict since you can use it for leveling up. But you can use a 5* ascendable for leveling up as well. And in the end you get to make it a 6* that you’ll actually use instead of throwing food and gear at a toon that you’ll just end up throwing away. Most people find level ups boring. So sorry if I would rather get a toon I’ll use than one that will help me in a Level Up. At this point I have tons of 5*’s I’ll never use.