5* tokens are really the new 4* tokens


Well scopely really gave it to us, with the ascendable now here the 5wheel doesn’t really matter anymore, ya there’s some ascendable there but what, always Carl, Shiva or Mirabelle… Now 5 characters are more like the old 4*. Thanks scopely we’re all competing for the 5" tokens that basacly are worthless… And you wonder why ppl are leaving this game.


Take 1*s out too while they’re at it… Useless.


In the last survey I said the same thing, we need 6* tokens now, new wheel etc. We need 4* in the helper wheel and basic tokens now, everything needs to be upgraded when you introduce 6*.

1* toons and weapons are a waste of space, I hate it takes time to use them, when you get them as helper tokens it does my swede right in!


I wouldn’t say they are entirely worthless. 2 of my five star ascendables came from 5 star tokens. My team would be a lot worse without them.


No not totally, but getting there as getting ascendable toons is even rarer, they should at least let us choose which 5* we want.


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