5* Token-wheel in a stash?

I hope this is a new one:

As we know, scope announced, that we only can pull one toon and never pull him again (i hope this works). So why is the 5* Token-wheel a wheel and not a stash? If it is a stash we can see which toons we already pulled and which toons are able to catch in future.

Edit: ok, after i got clarified. Here a new suggestion: why not change the wheel to a stash and if the stash is cleared, reset it or switch back to wheel or something else.

Where did they say we can only pull a toon once and never again

I have interpret this one:

and my own observation from the last pulls. Every pull is a new one, if i got dupes then i got the first toon from other places than the 5*-Token-wheel. Correct me if you are pulling always the same toons there.

You’re very wrong then unfortunately. Someone pulled 30 toons at once and got many dupes.
Last week :frowning:

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oh ok, so then sorry, for misinterpreting. But could it be “someone” has reached the limit, and got dupes because of the lack of new toons. I mean, what if he pulled all toons in the wheel and now it is impossible to get other toons than dupes?

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