5* token roadmap

I need more 5* toons, ive said it before and ill say it again.

What about a 5* token roadmap? 10k tokens for a full run and make it somewhat farmable?

With how desperate I am for 5* ascending fodder, I’d be down to run this map every day, but maybe once a week is more realistic.


It should be made daily, scopely think ppl r bots and has unlimited life span tho a lot of time to waste (rubbing hands)

The first few war milestones has tons of 5* Tokens. I’m sitting on about 300K and that’s after making pulls just to use for ascending.

Have you recently taken a break and come back to the game? We’re you able to take advantage of the Eugene and Benedict 1:1 gift? Are you actively warring? Are you ascending unnecessary toons? These questions would point to why you would be short on 5*s.

I have not taken a break, I snatch up every 5* token available as swiftly as possible, and yes I got about 100 Eugene when that Benedict swap occurred.

Really its been me ascending all the S class 5* ive got. In the last couple months ive managed to blow through about 100 5*s on ascending S class minis. I was really having to rage on those level up events to keep my battle pass points coming in. I typically don’t level that aggressively in order to save resources but the battle pass event has put a real dent in my supplies.

In that time, ive maybe collected enough tokens for 2 10 pulls on the wheel, so im running at a pretty serious deficit

Do you have basic tokens. I don’t know how many I have. Battle pass was giving out alot and war and other areas you can get these easily. May not drop bunches of 5 stars but I never have an issue

My alt that I play casually is always 5 star starved

I don’t think it would be a bad idea. Advanced players already have everything of worth from the 5 star wheels. So it would be something nice for newer and casual players, or completionists who really need that William

I would like to have zachary, but what I really need is pulls on the wheel. I need fodder like a fish needs water.

That’s the issue. Don’t.

If pattern holds in the future, you can avoid some of those leveling objectives as there’s plenty of points to complete the battle pass without spending.

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Also, some of the 5* versions of S-class are great for old school arena…

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i have over 300 epics lmao

As if that was anything. Before the 6*, there was some 450 Epics, now with the 5* versions of legendaries and S-classes, there must be a good 700 unique 5* in the game. Gotta catch them all!

Ooops, sorry. That’s a different game :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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i keep 1 of every epic i can get my hands on
i like collecting, and MAYBE one day we’ll have another legacy ascendable…

Doing the same, actually… tho some I have as 6* only now (even though forever T1L1)

I’m trying to collect all the shivas.
but i cant seem to get the aow one no matter how hard i try

Which one is that? I got the cutthroat, lacerator and the 5* green with black leather jacket. Lack the Christmas indomitable one and the Payback version, but the layyer one I am sure to get - eventually… have some 500 cards and enough choiceboxes to get a 6* copy, just prioritizing other toons I can get to S-class first

the aow one is the armored one with the leaderskill

Yep, that’s the green 5* with leather jacket. I have got two (csn’t really remember where from), but used one as ascension fodder eventually

damn. ill toss 2 five star princesses your way for her lol

I’m after the toons needed for museum collections. Some of those I haven’t ever seen in the game… and some have no available source (unless they are depot or 5* train toons, which is as good as no source at all)

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i mostly need og blue dwight and some weird toon ive never seen before called marcus