5* Token pulls - pull now or wait?


I have enough 5* character tokens to pull 4x from that wheel and 1x from the prestige wheel. Last week I read there is a pending wheel update. Should I wait for the update or pull now? What are your thoughts?


There is no update. Nothing has been announced and confirmations of those who have updated say it’s the same.


Not necessarily. The update might go live once every player has been forced to update their game.

I remember how one of the updates to the wheel happened just randomly, without actually needed an update from the App store.


If your goal is Carl or Shiva i would pull now. They will probably just add characters and make odds for them much lower.


They said the wheel/ascension etc. update would happen “shortly after” the update was live.


Just like they said Lori, Connor and Aaron would be released “early 2018”. If all 3 are released before June i would be surprised.


Wait. The wheel is crap now. Next one will be too but at least it will have some new crap added.


From what I’ve loosely heard, the supposed update to the wheel, in a nutshell, will just add more people required for Museum collections. Also from what I’ve loosely heard, the chance of getting a dupe from tokens is less when you pull that certain toon. But when you update the game, that chance resets and you are more likely to pull someone you’ve already pulled before. Something along those lines. My advice is to pull now while there’s still a chance to get one of the few ascendable 5⭐s. I got Mirabelle once from Prestige. Everything else has been shit. The only sense of goodness I’ve seen is that my results have been a different 5⭐ every time.


Don’t forget to use those power tokens :grin:


Well, Every Wheel Looks like before and the Player Picture and Supporter are the only Changes… No, wait a minute. The Camps are buggy now


Wait till you fight walkers on legendary. They nerfed the crit rate big time. I was in the beta so I had to deal with this “bug fix” for two tournaments now.


Just buy more cans
-$copely $upport


Sounds about right, lol.


Wohoo, this is going to be Fun :sweat:


I had to resort to the old trick of using 4-star Michonne with 2 stars to thin the herds on the green stun stage after my main team got wiped. Luckily we had plenty of time this weekend so the wasted attacks didn’t cost me a tank but it will when they go back to the normal time frames.

Really disappointed in them but expecting anything else at this point is just foolish. You know the saying:



Wheel is updated. Just pulled a sick toon brah.


Emm… Nope


I pulled a six star with a bat in his hand. He’s Meta.


Where did you pull him?


Ingame. He has a bat.