5* that are still considered useful

Not many 5* toons can still be considered useful. I’m interested to see which ones people still use and why.

The shoeless hobo for his debuff.


Yellow Kate and green Heath are the most common… Kate for her focus and attack buff. Heath for his command and attack and defence buff



Kate is the only one I still use on my melee teams. Why? Because she’s awesome. Focus, bonus att, and heals for 2 turns to all.

Make her into a 6-star and keep her rush intact. Do it!


My roster is not great, but I do make frequent use of the following;

Red Lopez to lead vs walkers in SR. Heals the bleed on those stages too.

Blue Trip, Laura and Barker v those stun walkers in SR

SR Zeke for heal and att/def buff

Camouflage Mich for SR

There might be others I still use but the above get used a lot.

SR Ezekiel
Command Heath

Some other 5* are still usable but uncommon now : Priya, Erin, Brianna

Main reason I asked it that I just pulled heath and think he’ll go nicely on my atk team with Aaron and alpha.
Lopez is great on SR

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Sr zake
Sometines i use yellow dwight(chose your side event)
Command heath

everything with crit boost


Almost Everyone alongside my 4 Stars :wink:

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I used Konrad not too long ago.

Yellow conner debuff holds absolute
Kate buff heal over 2 turns focus tenacity abs def weapon
Heath buff command (in 1 of my mains with alpha and gives amaze buff) holds stun sword
Survival zeek, blue kay, red magna,
Too many to list. Tons useful for farmin and sr. I use as many as i can throughout the day. Why not? They are there might as well lol

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Kate, Command Heath, SR Ezekiel are main common ones.

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4* green Tony & yellow Siddiq for their anti-stun/impair AR

The most obvious toons have been mentioned already:
Kate, SR Eze, Command Heath and Victor are still viable in raids.

Limited Edition Negan (and similar leads) is a poor man’s melee lead. His AP charge can help with getting other toons rushing a round earlier.

Honorable mention goes to FA Connor. A toon not many people have on the radar. A nice alternative to Kate, no attack boost but can hold a stun sword.


SR Ezekiel is still being used on some teams a still come across Konrad’s and into the deep michonne because they can carry absolute defence weapons and like other people have said green Heath and ties that behind Kate are most common

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Using 5 stars on defence is just criminal. Even Michonne or Konrad might block a few with AD, but any half decent attacker will take them out once AD doesn’t proc.

5 stars are useful on attack because of their ability to buff / debuff quickly, ensuring you have it in place when your damage dealing 6 stars are ready to go. Personally I like SR Zeke because of the combined heal. Recently maxed Kate and need to try her (but have a lot of focus on my fast team anyway). Heath is good, but prefer Zeke’s heal and quicker rush personally (if he takes a little damage he can often rush turn 2).

Sr doc Stephens - for sr and fac assault. That extra hp and blue guardian gives you a couple of extra hits that can make a difference


This Maggie

Sr Zeke still in my attack team and Lopez for zombies.
I think i will use some other 5* too for debuff in my attack teams cause their AP are much faster than 6*.

I tried using her as well for focus but kate held up better with the absolute defense and tenacity combined with her heal over 2x and buff it put her ahead of red maggie.

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