5 str version war


That’s great! Not everyone did. Personally, I don’t always use Benedicts as fodder, they’re far too valuable for leveling other toons when my roster’s overflowing with 5*s that will never get the gear to upgrade them. The gear is far too valuable to use for a 5* - get 'em to T3MAX and fodder.

There’s a theory in gaming that a player shouldn’t need a crystal ball to play the game. Example of bad game design: 10 minutes into a game, a player has to choose from one of three items, a key, a weapon or a piece of armor. After sinking hundreds of hours into the game, the player finds out they had to somehow know the key was going to be required in order to win. That’s just stupid design. Similarly, it would be extraordinarily bad design at this point for Scopely to go: HAHA, forget all that focus we put on 6* characters for the past 16 months, you have to use 5* to win this next tourney.


I myself use Bennies for ascendance, with all the solo level up, i use the XP scav to lvl up on top of trait trainers that it saves my 5* toons which i use in SR tourneys and even my maxed 4* toons that i have had since i started. As a personal rule i always save 8, anything past that is fair game for lvl use.


That were you are wrong I use nearly all of my 5* because I get board of seeing the same toons so I use my 5* stars on easy road maps stages. Before you ask I do have 6*.


That’s fair enough I suppose, but how many people do the same?
Just because you do it, doesn’t mean everybody else does.


I know but im just trying to say it’s different and that people should just give it a go and if it goes wrong then just don’t do it again keep it the way it is now if people like it do it once a month or something another thing to mention is a lot of lower level factions would be able to participate with there 5* and actually stand a chance and not getting crushed by a far superior 6* team.

  • 5* star AOW
  • 5* star CRW
  • Normal AOW
  • Normal CRW

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I know about that because I voted on it!


Oh. I see. It’s easy for a poll to get missed if there’s a 100 posts above it in the thread. Thought you should give that one a go since it’s right at the top.


No problem mate easy mistake. :slightly_smiling_face:


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