5 str version war

scopley why not bring a war where we only can use 5* characters


That’s a shit idea.
I shouldn’t be punished for ascending my toons.


I wouldn’t

Let’s have a 4* war to really screw over the p2p people.

And you get all the things you need in just 1million milestones


Not many people have 5 stars, 5 stars are done, its over, let it go already. You get 6 stars, stun, impair, absolute def weapons and gold mods or you fall behind. While i actually have some 5 stars and could hold my own really well with the 5 stars i have like konrad and tessa, etc as well as i still use some like kate in my melee attack team, i have accepted that 5 stars are over and done with and it is time for everyone else to accept this and move on and stop making a thread about this every other day


It’s a nice idea but most essential toons in peoples 5* era teams are 6* now so it wouldn’t really work

I just stopped paying attention to these threads. First of all we all know they would never do any kind of “retro” war. They want people to pull for the latest and greatest op premieres. How does forcing everyone to use old outdated worthless 5-stars accomplish this? That’s right it wouldn’t.

Plus just thinking about having to spend scraps to move my mods around and then pay to move them back again. No thanks.


I’ve commented this in past threads that I’m 99% against 5* wars - the only exception being that I would be pretty entertained if they ran one on April 1 :rofl::rofl:


I could see that and as an even bigger April fools joke they could adveritze free toons for the top 3 finishers. Of course since its a retro war the free toons would all be non-ascendable 5-stars.

Sounds like a blast. :wink:


Just get people in your region to agree now AOW .tho some might break the rules we did it one time and was fun.

I think it could work.

No mods allowed, give players 2 months notice that it will become a monthly event for a day.
The whales would buy new premiers twice to have a 5* version to create teams.
Have stricter rules on creating teams.

I don’t understand why people are so against it.

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Not really against it but it wont happen, ever. Clinging to the past doesnt change the fact that people move forward. Get with the times or get left behind is a saying of mine

Trait wars are better…

How about a 1* war.


I’m against it because it rewards players who have done nothing. Players who did nothing for over a year would be more powerful than players who used up their 5* to create a 6* roster. Why would you reward players who did nothing over those who progressed when they were supposed to?

Not exactly punishing. What’s punishing is them outdating some 5 star characters that people used to buy before the 6 star era.

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Because most people don’t hold onto 5 stars that aren’t ascendable.
Six stars are pretty much superior in every way, with a few exceptions.

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Benedicts count as 5 stars, 5 star fodder does as well…

You completely miss what I said.
Aside from fodder or ascension, or level up points, nobody actually uses epics.

Exactly, which this would give them a reason to.

Though if they were to do this they would have to let everyone know in advance.