5 Stars that Survive on the 6* Era

Tell me what 5s You think survive this cruel 6 World? Also yes some do, whether you want to admit it or not people. While it is very few some do survive so bring on the comments telling me all 5s are dead. Anyway I hope to hear what 5s You guys think survive the 6* Era. I will add people to 5his main list as you guys comment them :slight_smile:

My Picks:

Tripp - Good lead and probably still the best healer in the game. Usefully against people with debilitating rushes/actives.

Yellow Carson - The one that nerfs the entire other team for 3 turns. Very useful on offense.


Monica - bonus HP, can hold a stun gun.

Amy - tanky, can revive, heal, and buff.

Sr zeke - best heal and buff quickly

Michonne shield - abs def trolling


Victor is still in my attack team. Works like carson but cheaper on the ap (but no attack debuff). Would like to try carson out but i dont have him :expressionless:

Heath strong : strongest buff in this game atm. Just 56AP so he can rush second turn.


I still use Jose on attack


On attack a good bit of five stars can still survive agasint six star teams. Takes longer to beat the team but it is still possible. On defense they really only get lucky by weapons nothing more.


Also heavily depends if you have had luck with weapons and if those weapons affects activate.


I’ll put down my personal list :slight_smile:

  • Monica (bonus hp, heal, indomitable)
  • Darlene (crit + guardian, very handy for SR)
  • Armoured Shiva (30% def and VL bonus when attacking are useful on melee offense teams)
  • LE Negan (30% attack and VL bonus when attacking are useful on melee offense teams)
  • Priya (Stun on defence, confuse and quick rush can still be useful in certain situations)
  • Teresa (Stun on attack, neutralize and her rush can still be useful)
  • Blue Michonne (Taunt, bonus hp and quick rush can still be useful)
  • SR Zeke (Huge bonus when attacking for all melee toons and his heal + stat boost are handy)
  • Tripp (Leader skill and heal still useful)
  • Yellow Negan (Huge bonus when attacking for all melee toons could be used for melee offense teams)

Probably some more but I don’t have or use them.

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well nothing on defense but Build Dual Katana Michonne’s weapon up and she’s really good still

ALW Andrea? Multiples of them with defense bonus on weapons plus the revive Jesi on a single team with a lead who gives extra attack is usually my pain. Of course, Mirabelle usually goes down like a rock and she’s currently the only one who can take on many traits.

Shield Michonne with abs def and a guardian by her side will probably be useful in the 7* era still.

Agreed Tripp is still very useful for sr. Great healer and he removes stun and impair from all.

Lilly would be my top pick for sr. She gives 65% attack and 35% crit to the entire team. Useful for both walker and walker/human stages and at 45ap.


Javier, the lead skill plus the high damage and the 45 ap AR just mix well

Plenty for SR obviously, but I think jax and others have listed the raid worthy ones for raid.

I had an amusing auto play watching 6* boobs lead 3x5* and a 5* gov all holding stun guns :slight_smile:

The only ones I use on attack are Priya on my anti-blue team and red Romanov on my anti-green team.

Camo Michonne with Gator on my farm team lets me auto any walker stage with no worries.

Yellow Tyreese and yellow Eugene are on my Tower defense team.

The rest are only used in SR, FA and territories.

Marcus - His Lead is still Awesome and got me great Raids.

Premier ascendables

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Any 5* can be used in a raid
If you have a buffer like lilly and jerimiah
Trust me it’s satisfying to wacth a 5* rev abe kill 6*
In 6* era it seems to me debuffers are king and so when a 58 ap 6* buffer comes there going to perform exceptionally well

road to survival 4 blue michonne can catch opponents teams in a loop…huge ap while att, huge ap while defend , and impair on defend and she mimics a 6 stars hp stats

Only ones i still use are:
Shield Michone because of def ab.
Monica with stun gun (i do not use her very often)
Ezekiel from survival road (I use him a lot when attacking)

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