5-stars ascension


I’ve seen people getting the yellow 5-star Connor from ascension…is there a new list of characters obtainable through ascension?


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Here is the official post with the current&updates. Bold are newly added Wheel / Character Pool Updates


Thanks Lockdown! :+1:t2:


At least some of the 5* toons that was available through ascension previous to this update does not show as available through ascension in the in game museum when you click were to find. For example Rick “Safety behind bars”. I hope its just a glitch and they are actually available, because if not then i have pulled a bunch of thrash with no chance for what i want!!!


Wrong Rick.

Road to survival #1 is ascendable


No i dont mean toons that can be 6*


Ah I see. Misread that. Through 4s ascension gotcha. He’s still in supply depot though but then again I could be mistaken


I meant to post this in the wheel update. I got response there so its just a glitch in the museum and you can pull them as you should :slight_smile: