5 Star Wyatt Glitch


Does anyone know why Wyatt loses up when upgraded?


That’s not a glitch; it’s the hp he starts out with on that tier. Level him up and he’ll increase his hp.


Lol so he loses HP as he tiers up?


Yea he does, but you get it back when you level up. Scopley’s fault for that. Lol


Are you sure it isn’t a mistake? I’ve never seen another character like that.


Lmaooo what? :joy::joy::joy:

That is not normal, stop making up stuff. Smh


Looks like its a miscalculation. Should probably have been 1033


Making stuff up? Relax bro. I’m dead ass serious man. I know this isn’t a mistake because mines was like that too.


mine has more


Yep, definitely a bug :joy: