5 star wheel update

When will this happen?

Scopely to the update please

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It is not certain


If they do they will downgrade the toons so I’d take em while you can


They updated it a few months ago. Itll be a while b4 they do another one. Though a 5* wheel update every 3 months would be nice. :slight_smile: @JB.Scopely


They are f2p toons that will never be decent they removed Shiva cause she too op actually surprised there is a green guardian in there , Aris and alpha decent too everything else is just trash and supply depo points or bodies for the 6star ascendable

Prestige wheel needs a update the most! Nothing about 4★’s is prestigious!!!


Aiko aint trash.

Shiva isn’t that good. Finally got her right before they removed her and she hasn’t done anything good for me. She’s on my green attack team just for the stun and confuse.

I dont even use her anymore after 70 tries and finally got stun she sits in my roster

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Funny part to me is prestige wheel has more ascends but odds on getting 1 is impossible. I agree remove the 4* from there at that make a trade system to exchange 4* toon tokens for 5* tokens

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Haven’t pulled an ascendable since they updated it. Basically just reset it, so I’m back in the old cycle of in useable toons. Meh

I don’t mind the 5* star wheel but it could use a revamping I agree but like you said prestige pulls is just disheartening waiting all that time to get a 4* to go straight into the supply depot. Prestige pulls need revamping the most 100% agree.

revamp the prestige pulls now!


Yea prestege whell is more important.and not many players have all S cgaracters from 5 star whell

Nothing Prestiege about a 4*.

Get them outta there ffs. Should be ascendables only imo.

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