5 star Wheel update?


I have some suggestions to Scopely, maybe consider updating the 5 star wheel? There aren’t a lot of ascendable characters you can get from it, so I’d suggest putting a few more in there. Also another idea, have another wheel for only ascendables, maybe even make new tokens or just put it to like 15k-20k tokens or something like that, I really hope Scopely puts one of these into consideration, I for one would be excited since 6 stars are basically how the game works now.


Also going off of what was written, possibly put the free ascendables we got (like Rick from the stash, Maggie, etc) into it if nothing else. Since they were free, we might as well get another shot at getting them, am I right?


Do you not read? They have already addressed that they are updating, read the threads or look at the dev tracker to see what they post. literally the 20th comment I’ve seen stating this when they’ve stated it multiple times.


I can read, I’m telling them what they should put into the wheel, maybe try reading my stuff first.


They are updating it, but the other wheel you mentioned hmmm dunno if it would happend. Could be a cool idea to be honest but it seems just a but op IMO


Yeah ik they are updating it, the first sentence I just forgot they were, the others I just wanted to try to let them know what would probably make the game better.